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How Can Businesses Profit From Vehicle Tracking

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How Can Businesses Profit From Vehicle Tracking

With the recent advancements and innovations in the field of GPS, tracking systems have become more affordable, reliable and accessible for even small and medium sized businesses. Fleet tracking systems allow the fleet manager to be able to locate any fleet vehicle, anywhere in the world in real-time. Using advanced GPS tracking devices and accessories, fleet managers are able to view real-time information such as; fuel level, speed, angle as well as previous routes of a vehicle for up to 90 days. If your business relies on fleet management, then investing in vehicle tracking devices for your fleet vehicles will help reduce your costs, enhance customer satisfaction and in result improve effectiveness.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

Businesses with vehicle fleets spend a massive amount of money on fuel costs. By using a GPS tracking system, fleet managers are able to assign shorter routes for the day with less traffic and thus cover less distance for their payload. In addition, by using the data provided by vehicle trackers, managers can warn over-speeding drivers, and they can set speed thresholds for their fleets. According to studies for every 10 km driven over the speed limit, fuel costs increase by 7% per litre. When you have a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, you will notice that a considerable amount of fuel is being wasted.

Driver Behaviour

A significant benefit of implementing a fleet tracking system is that it can help affect drivers to develop better driving skills. Drivers are valuable assets for fleets and it is important that they are safe while doing their job. GPS tracking devices allow fleet managers help the driver to maintain a steady speed, predict traffic, prevent them from excessive behaviour such as over-speeding, hard brakes and idling unnecessarily. This will also allow the managers to save considerable amounts of fuel and help compensate the drivers for their trips.

Maintaining a Healthy Fleet

Vehicle maintenance is another big chunk of a fleet business’ budget. GPS tracking devices can help the managers to keep their fleet in good shape by providing crucial information about their fleets such as engine hours and any trouble codes detected by vehicles. Most fleet managers perform maintenance on their vehicles on scheduled dates and this causes unnecessary maintenance routines and additional expenses. Fleet management software allows you to schedule your repairs with precise data at the right time and save your company redundant costs.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important factors in growing your business is constantly improving customer satisfaction. Clients rely on faster delivery times of the goods or information they purchased. Using a fleet tracking system managers can provide their clients with the location of their goods and ensure that deliveries arrive on schedule.

Many industrial, commercial and home service businesses have already started using GPS tracking solutions to provide their customers with a higher quality of service. There are more business types which could benefit from investing in a GPS tracking system. From drones to massive fleets, GPS tracking solutions help tremendously. In just a few months after installing a tracking system, businesses will see a return on their investment due to the lowered fuel costs alone.

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