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Tracking Vehicles On a Mobile Device

Tracking devices have improved tremendously over the last few years and you can track anything from vehicles to people with extreme accuracy. There are GPS tracking applications available for mobile devices that you can utilise to remotely or otherwise track the location of your vehicle.

Whether you are a worried parent or a company owner, depending on your purpose, there are mobile GPS tracking apps that can help you. Business owners, fleet managers and individuals can access location data as well as other features about their vehicles, important assets or family members in real-time by using their smartphones and tablets. Tracking applications can provide you with features other than location tracking such as speeding, movement alert and SOS features.

How mobiles devices locate your vehicle via GPS?

Mobile devices calculate their position similar to dedicated GPS tracking devices. Whether it is stationary or moving, your mobile device picks up signals from cell towers of your network or GPS satellites in orbit. By receiving signals from at least three satellites or antenna towers in its proximity, the device calculates the actual coordinates of itself.

Location data can be sent to you via text with latitude and longitude coordinates. The only thing you need a is a tablet or smartphone with GPS or internet connection such as Wi-Fi, GPRS,3G or 4G. With the coordinates at hand, you can either enter them into a program that can read GPS coordinates like Google Maps or use an app to analyse the location data for you.

But there are significant differences between a mobile tracking application and a dedication GPS tracker device.

The first reason is the extra price you will have to pay for a regular tracking device to use with a GPS tracking software. As for mobile tracking apps, you can use any application so long as you have a compatible smartphone with GPS capability. Then you can start tracking your vehicle with the app right away.

Mobile GPS apps can offer you a lot of useful information. You will have access to the location of your vehicle in real-time and you will be able to check information such as acceleration, speed and route history.

Another area of use mobile GPS tracking excels is tracking your work force. Supervising a sales force or fleet trucks has been a constant problem for fleet managers. Mobile sales teams and drivers have more freedom on the job but with the assistance of an app-based tracker, managers have a greater sense of control.

Since your personnel always have to carry their mobile device or tablet on them on all the time, even if they leave their vehicle, you will be able to observe their movements, direct them to a customer in need or hold them accountable for their actions should an event occur. You can see exactly where they are at any given time. Managers can observe if the employees use their working hours efficiently when they are responding to customers or handling maintenance.

Let’s look at the many benefits of mobile tracking applications:

1-Always know where your vehicle is: By utilising various top quality tracking applications, you can locate your vehicle in real-time, pinpoint locations on a map, overview traffic information.

2-Navigate to your vehicle’s precise location: Imagine you parked in a massive parking lot of a mall and after you are done shopping how will you find your way back to it. There are mobile applications that allow you to save the location of your car. You can use this location info to find your way back to it or send it to friends or family should you ever need it.

3-Increase the security of your car: Mobile apps can help you protect your car by triggering alerts in case your vehicle is moved or your car battery tampered in any way.

4-Call for roadside or medical assistance in the event of an emergency: With the advancements in the GPS technology, simply touching a button can provide you with emergency and medical assistance. Ground response teams will be alerted and dispatched to your exact location.

As you can see, you can benefit from mobile tracking application in many ways. Worried parents can be on the look out for their teenagers, fleet managers can make definitive decisions and individuals can find directions to their destinations quickly. Mobile app-based trackers will save you time, money and give you a peace of mind on the road.

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